MODrzew – Monitoring Obywatelski Drzew (Civic Monitoring of Trees).

Our purpose is to protect and develop the tree habitat and clean ecological environment in our city. We want to know and see: how many trees there are in Bydgoszcz, where they grow, what species they are and what their full health condition is. We also want to rise consciousness about current situation in which those who decide on trees will be required to carry out real public consultations before deciding to remove any tree. Recent examples of excerpts all over Poland just before the change of resolution motivated us to act.

We constantly monitor trees and those that have already been cut as well as those that are planned for felling. We developed a methodology for social tree inventory and every day we have more trees in our database. We carry out a meticulous inventory (also backwards) of all trees in the city, enter them into a database, catalog and add a description and photos (https://drzewa.bydgoszcz.pl/).

As an association and active activists, we run trainings, workshops and practices for citizens, developers, offices and local governments.